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Our Services

i5, Inc has an expansive portfolio of clients, a dynamic and passionate team, and a systematic focus to deliver industry-leading results to its clients. In a constantly changing environment, the development and training of our employees allows us to meet the on-going demands of our clients and customers.

We focus in 2 main medians of marketing:

1. Events: our teams, specializing in the planning, coordination, and execution of events, have been able to drive our clients’ products into a variety of venues increasing product knowledge and awareness on the consumer side.

2. Business to business: Our team is trained to develop and maintain relationships with top business owners across the US. Throughout the years we have delivered measurable results which come from the professional, ethical and cordial in which our staff manages themselves and presents our clients’ products.

Market research

In partnership with our clients, we have developed a database of key target audiences and niche markets yet to be tapped by competitors. Our structure allows us to attack these markets aggressively while providing the client with minute by minute data, including the results of our efforts.

client acquisition

Once we have established a target market with our client we assemble a team of individuals that will lead the campaign-specific customer acquisition project. With this approach, we are able to assure that their needs will be met in a unique, timely and efficient manner.

client retention

Our team of associates implement different strategies to ensure the retention and longevity of clients. With our daily training we assure that each brand is represented in an integral and ethical manner.

Marketing Consulting

i5, Inc's, main goal is too fulfill our clients’ needs at all time. With our team of industry-specific specialists, we provide professional advice in all aspects of Sales and Marketing and work with the client to execute and report on their specific projects.


Contact us!

For more information on working with us please feel free to reach out! 

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